George Martin continues to enjoy his role as of counsel at Borton Petrini, LLP where he was Managing Partner during the firm's most rapid growth years. So, why is there also a "Law Office of George Martin?" Martin explains that it's about setting up special procedures aimed at helping plaintiffs who have been seriously injured:

"People who have been seriously injured in accidents are often experiencing overwhelm. They have a different set of concerns and needs than other prospective clients, so we've restructured the consultation in light of that. We visit injured individuals to consult if they are unable to come to our office. We listen, answer questions, and, if it is helpful, we give them an overview of what steps may be necessary from a legal perspective in the future. We have a Client's Bill of Rights and discuss what they should expect from an attorney -- whether it's our team or someone else. For those we cannot represent because of conflicts of interest, we put our experience with attorneys throughout the community to use in helping to make a good fit happen."

George also has a special business processes setup for a mediation practice. The organizational focus on injured clients addresses a reality about the various challenges people must confront in the wake of serious accidents -- only some of which are legal in nature.

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